Geoffrey Bilder

Hi, this is my site.

I don’t use Facebook or Twitter much. I keep searching for some reasonable alternative to them, but haven’t found anything yet.

If you really need to get hold of me and you don’t already have contact info, then at the moment (circa 2023), your best bet is to contact me on Mastodon at:

As far as I know, there are two Geoffrey Bilder’s in the world. In case you are trying to figure out which one I am- I’m the one who:

  • grew up in Puerto Rico.
  • attended Baldwin, Bausfield, Bowdoin, Brown.
  • worked at Monitor Group, Dynamic Diagrams, Ingenta, Scholarly Information Strategies.
  • now works at Crossref.
  • now lives in Nîmes.

None of the above is the answer to any of my “secret questions.”

I also have a very neglected blog

But that doesn’t mean I don’t blog or write- it just means I don’t do it on my own blog.