English Food

I wonder which one I should try first?

2005-05-22 · 1 min · 8 words · gbilder

The Chowhound Passport

Going to a Szechwan, Thai or Korean restaurant with my friend, David, frequently turns into a pantomime as we try various tactics to convince the staff that we REALLY DO MEAN IT when we say that we want our food authentically spicy- and not some watered down version designed for American/British palates. I don’t think that we are the stereotypical macho, competitive, chile-death capsicum cowboys that can be so annoying at Indian restaurants, but we do like extremes in flavor....

2005-03-12 · 1 min · 98 words · gbilder

Cafe Orient

If you live in Oxford and have not been to the Cafe Orient, drop what you are doing and go straight there now. If you are visiting Oxford, ignore all the restaurant advice that you find in guidebooks and go to the Cafe Orient instead. ...

2005-03-05 · 2 min · 236 words · gbilder

Hon’s House of Noodle

Authentic Vietnamese Pho in in the nether regions of Cranston Rhode Island. ...

2005-02-27 · 2 min · 408 words · gbilder

Universal Doughnuts

Is this country great or what? Washington DC. Dupont Circle (Across from the Hilton)

2004-03-11 · 1 min · 14 words · gbilder