Chickpea meets a cow- and doesn’t have one.

2005-06-22 · 0 min · 0 words · gbilder

Look who showed up

Allen Renear shows up (unannounced) at SSP. Several late nights of ranting about trust-metrics, document models, management headaches and consulting possibilities. It has been ten years since we last conspired like this.

2005-06-03 · 1 min · 32 words · gbilder

English Food

I wonder which one I should try first?

2005-05-22 · 1 min · 8 words · gbilder

Pair Programming

We constantly argue about the pros/cons of Hungarian notation.

2005-05-22 · 1 min · 9 words · gbilder

Social bookmarking as telltale

Subscribing to my friends bookmarks has turned out to be a great way of keeping in touch. Seems it might be time to send a condolence card… David just bookmarked the following: Mac OS X: Starting up in Safe Mode Posted on: Tue, May 3 2005 2:49 PM What is Safe Boot, Safe Mode? (Mac OS X) Posted on: Tue, May 3 2005 2:49 PM Using Disk Utility and fsck for file system maintenance in Mac OS X...

2005-05-04 · 1 min · 155 words · gbilder