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Going to a Szechwan, Thai or Korean restaurant with my friend, David, frequently turns into a pantomime as we try various tactics to convince the staff that we REALLY DO MEAN IT when we say that we want our food authentically spicy- and not some watered down version designed for American/British palates. I don’t think that we are the stereotypical macho, competitive, chile-death capsicum cowboys that can be so annoying at Indian restaurants, but we do like extremes in flavor....

2005-03-12 · 1 min · 98 words · gbilder

Digital Retro

Seems we are all reminiscing. Went to the Tate Modern recently and, embarrassingly, emerged from the gift shop with the following: “Digital Retro: The Evolution and Design of the Personal Computer” (Gordon Laing) I remember lusting after practically every machine in here. Sad geek that I am- I particularly lusted after the Jupiter Ace because it came with FORTH as the built-in language. I must have read some article about FORTH, because I was obsessed with it and eventually used in on my Commodore 64....

2005-03-10 · 1 min · 99 words · gbilder


Ok- so I’ve been trying to move stuff out of MT and into WordPress. And just because I love confounding variables, I’ve also been trying out Ecto. Ecto seems to be having trouble uploading pictures. Server keeps timing out. Hence the scattered posting with mysterious missing pix. Most embarrassing. Oh, yeah. And I’m having trouble getting WordPress extension to behave properly. Listening to: Cool As Kim Deal from the album “…The Dandy Warhols Come Down” by The Dandy Warhols

2005-03-04 · 1 min · 79 words · gbilder

Oxford Snow

Snowed in Oxford last week. A strange week for so many reasons… ...

2005-02-23 · 1 min · 18 words · gbilder


Chickpea waits for us to “get organized.”

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