Look who showed up

Allen Renear shows up (unannounced) at SSP. Several late nights of ranting about trust-metrics, document models, management headaches and consulting possibilities. It has been ten years since we last conspired like this.

2005-06-03 · 1 min · 32 words · gbilder

Talk goes well

It looks like attendance exceeded 200. Naturally- I crashed the pips and the hotel was so keen to get us out of the room that we didn’t have time for questions. However, a small crowd gathered around me afterwards- they were complimentary, asked good questions and were not shaking their fists. So a good result, I think. Conference room just before talk…

2005-06-02 · 1 min · 62 words · gbilder

View from Lenox hotel

I have tried the “ask for a room with a view trick” and it has worked yet again. I can’t believe I spent 10 years of business travel without catching on to this. View is down Boylston street in Boston.

2005-06-01 · 1 min · 40 words · gbilder

Back to the US

Speaking at SSP in Boston on Thursday (June 2nd) on the “Journal of the Future”. View from VA lounge at the new control tower.

2005-05-31 · 1 min · 24 words · gbilder

The Chowhound Passport

Going to a Szechwan, Thai or Korean restaurant with my friend, David, frequently turns into a pantomime as we try various tactics to convince the staff that we REALLY DO MEAN IT when we say that we want our food authentically spicy- and not some watered down version designed for American/British palates. I don’t think that we are the stereotypical macho, competitive, chile-death capsicum cowboys that can be so annoying at Indian restaurants, but we do like extremes in flavor....

2005-03-12 · 1 min · 98 words · gbilder